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“Both Of Them Are Disrespectful” Knetz Argued Again If Kazuha And Suzy Truly Lookalike

When I saw Kazuha here, I thought it was Suzy

I never thought they looked alike, but when I saw this, I was shocked

Knetizens Reactions:

1. They don’t look alike at all…

2. For real, I’m a fan of Suzy, please don’t cross the line

3. They don’t look alike

4. Stop comparing her to Suzy. Kazuha is pretty with her own charm, so why do you keep trying to market her by bringing in Suzy?

5. People say she looks like Kim Go Eun, she has the aura that everyone admits, but why do you keep mentioning Suzy?

6. I know she’s going viral right now, but you can’t do business without mentioning Suzy

7. To be honest, they look alike. I don’t understand the kids who are grinding their teeth to deny it

8. No, because they don’t really look alike…?

9. Why are you comparing the ugly with Suzy? It’s annoying

10. Both of them are disrespectful


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