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“Both Of Them Are The Funniest” BTS Is More Fun Without Suga And RM, Knetz Disagree

When there are 5 people, the atmosphere is like elementary school and so fun, but when there are two of them, the atmosphere is strict

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Suga is so funny

2. You don’t know about the BTS members. RM is the funniest

3. I think you don’t know the BTS members well. Usually Kim Namjoon is the funniest

4. Min Yoongi is funny

5. Kim Namjoon is a comedian of BTS, what are you talking about?

6. The two of them are so funny, you know?

7. What the hell are you thinking? Kim Namjoon is the funniest

8. I think the group’s identity is maintained thanks to the two of them

9. I don’t know much about bulletproof.

10. Among them, the one who looks the funniest in MC is Minsuga.