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“Bring Back Jennie’s Color” Knetz React To Jennie’s Make-up From Hera’s Photoshoot

Knetizens are talking about Jennie’s look after seeing her new makeup from Hera pictorials

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Bring back Jenny’s color.. she’s much prettier

2. Hera pictorials are always legendary

3. No matter how much she looks like a shit girl, she’s pretty

4. Jennie’s color is prettier, but I don’t know why she keeps insisting on nude tones.

5. Comparing the leaked photos of her bare face, it’s a different story.

6. The stage make-up is darker, but it’s not as pretty as this kind of make-up

7. Hera is a 30-year-old cosmetic, so it suits her well.

8. Jenny is really hip and young

9. Red lipstick is perfect

10. Jenny is really shy as she looks like she suits all hairstyles


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