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“BTS Is Really Lucky That RM Is The Leader” Knetz Admire These Things About Namjoon

Knetizens are talking good things about Namjoon

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Namjoon is not my favorite, but because of Namjoon, I can’t get along.. No matter what idol I catch, he has a mature mind like that.. Oh, of course, there are stones with a mature mind. .I have so much to learn as a person, not a singer.

2. My favorite Namjoon…♡ You can enrich people’s hearts with just a few words

3. All celebrities are going to be under a lot of stress, but I respect RM because he overcomes that stress in an advanced way.

4. BTS is fat, and RM is the same identity. Even when we went abroad, we all worked together, but we cracked down on it, held the center and talked to foreign people.

5. Namjoon is so pretty

6. I think RM plays a big role in the 80% of the time until Bangtan is right now. I can’t deny that. He’s the leader of an idol team, but he’s also the leader of ARMYs. He’s a person who has a lot to learn.

7. Because Namjoon Kim is the leader, the fans are also reassured.

8. I remember that one of the reasons BT was scorned the most was because of the leader


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