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BTS J-Hope Dancing Skills Surprises Knetizens

Knetz are reacting and talking about BTS J-Hope dancing skills even Crush was shocked too…

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Just like a dancer, his body is really light

2. After all, BTS is great, but since when did Crush change his style?

3. It’s a real pleasure to see the body and the music fit together in a light movement

4. A mouth that smiles while riding the rhythm is so pretty

5. Doesn’t it have more bones? How do you move like that? You dance so well. That smile while dancing is so pretty

6. It’s like he is more than just an idol dancer

7. He’s really good at it.. he’s really
good at it, but it’s J-Hope who’s good at live too

8. It seems like this genre You look better at dancing than when you were in Bangtan

9. How do you move your body like that??? You look so good and happy

10. What’s strange is that he dances so smoothly and cleanly and easily. It’s a difficult move


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