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BTS J-Hope, EXO Kai And Jay Park Are Really Good At Dancing, Knetizens Discuss

Knetz are discussing how good some idols are in dancing than being an idol… They are good than a dancer itself. These idols seems to be BTS J-Hope, EXO Kai and Jay Park


These days, I’m obsessed with dance videos and looking for them, but these three people, EXO’s Kai, Bangtan, J-Hope, Jay Park, have different dance genres, but they’re real.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Admittedly, J-Hope was originally a dancer, and the dancers praised Kai as an idol who dances better than a dancer, and Jay Park when he stopped the showdown, the breaking dance was crazy.

2. Looks like Kai was born to dance

3. J-Hope dances so well, so it seems to make a good use of the street feeling. The dance line looks more like a dancer than an idol.

4. There is a big difference between female dancers and idols, but frankly, there are many male idols who dance better than dancers. I think most of the people mentioned in the comments here dance better than most of the dancers. I like people who can dance well, so this is what I felt after looking for a lot of dance.

5. J-Hope

6. I thought Kai was a good dancer, wasn’t he..? I’m confused, I’ll upload a meme that EXO is good at

7. Wow, I watched all the gifs, but I think EXO’s dancing is better than I thought.

8. It feels like a professional and an amateur, of course, a professional is bulletproof

9. Closing with Kai dance is the same as with Cha Eun-woo’s face.

10. As for the dance, BTS is a legend, and they do it live without lip syncing.


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