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BTS J-Hope Has Been Criticized By Black People, Knetizens React

J-Hope is currently being criticized by black people He’s being criticized by black people for liking Crush’s post

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Racism is what they are doingㅋㅋ They always bully Asians

2. But aren’t they racist towards Asians the most?

3. There are many cases where they chase Asians and beat them to death, and they pretend to be victims every day

4. BTS donated a lot of money to BLM.. I’m really disappointed that they treat him like that

5. Black people always bully Asians

6. J-Hope and Crush both donate to BLM, but black people are saying that they’re racist… This is crazy

7. I know racism is serious, but what kind of racism did Crush or J-Hope do?

8. Racism To be honest, I haven’t seen more races than black people…? Just take it for granted. Why are you angry?


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