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BTS Jimin Did Not Wish To Discuss The Conflict He Had With BTS V

In recent days, Jimin and Taehyung, members of the renowned K-Pop group BTS, became a trend on social media after neither of them revealed the details of a dispute they had years ago.

This does not mean that they have never had disagreements, such as the infamous “dumpling incident” with V, which Jimin refused to discuss.
This incident was so serious at the time that the boys stopped talking to each other for a few days; however, after overcoming it, it helped them grow and served as inspiration for their songs ‘Friends’ and ‘4 O’clock’; it’s a shame that fans do not know the cause of this fight.
Although Jimin revealed a portion of his account of the “dumpling incident” in the past, he stated that he would not divulge the entire tale because it involves his close friend and fellow member of the group.

During a recent live broadcast, ARMY asked the South Korean singer about this issue with Taehyung, but the idol stayed true to his word and did not discuss it, as the incident can be viewed from two different perspectives.

In addition, the idol disclosed that he may need his groupmate’s permission to discuss the issue, so many fans want them to do a live broadcast together as soon as possible to discuss what transpired.

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