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BTS Jimin Donations, A PR Stunt To Clear Previous Health Insurance Evasions

After his health insurance dispute, BTS’s lead singer and dancer Park Jimin appears to be involved in yet another scandal.
Online rumors claim that the artist donated as a public relations gimmick to disprove claims that he had previously avoided paying his health insurance premiums.

Many others noted that the singer’s agency, Hybe, may be attempting to clear his name because he would be making his eagerly anticipated solo debut in march.

It is important to note that the donation came to light one day after the Korea CXO Research Institute published its report on the estimated stock holdings of individual shareholders of content-related businesses, which include companies that produce and distribute music, movies, webtoons, and other media, and have estimated stock holdings worth more than 10 billion won.
The National Health Insurance Service confiscated Jimin’s flat on January 25 because the singer had not paid his health insurance charges, according to a report from the Korean news portal Biz Hankook on April 24. Back in May of last year, Jimin initially paid 5.9 billion won (about $4.7 million) for the flat.

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