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BTS Jin Bags First Place At Military Talent Show, Gets As Reward, Knetz React

Over a month after beginning his necessary military service, BTS’ eldest member Jin, who is renowned for having many talents, has added another achievement to his resume. According to a recent report, Jin took first place in a talent competition. Earlier last month, Jin finished his five-week training program and participated in the graduation ceremony.
According to reports, Jin’s team won the talent competition honoring Seollal’s military service. As a reward, his employees allegedly received an additional day off work. According to the article, Jin instructed his teammates dance moves to help them go up to the top spot.

“Not only is he worldwide gorgeous, but also a worldwide winner,” a fan tweeted in response to the news. On Twitter, a different user wrote, “Well deserved, Jin!” One Twitter user joked, “Run BTS truly prepped Jin to win that military talent show.” “Jinnie, I You were missed. You getting to meet your family and the BTS family makes me so pleased. Additionally, you’ll publish “I know” and “maybe a live,” if that’s permitted “read a remark. Another admirer added, “Imagine being in the military and having to compete against Jin from BTS for a talent contest.”
Earlier this month, Jin gave his supporters their first official looks at him following his enlistment in the military. On Weverse, he shared many images from the military training graduation ceremony. The photograph’s caption reads, “I’m content with my life. I have the military’s approval to post the photos. Army, have fun and be careful.”

Jin appeared in a photo wearing his uniform and a black face mask, standing with his arms at his sides. While snapping a selfie, Jin gave his admirers a closer peek at his face by looking into the camera. He was seen giving the victory sign in another image. Jin officially reported for duty on December 13, 2022. Jin reportedly attended the boot camp of a front-line army division in Yeoncheon, 60 kilometers north of Seoul.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Seokjin is enjoying his military life

2. It’s nice to see him working hard in the army

3. As expected, our Seokjin is doing well in the military too

4. I can imagine the reactions of the BTS members

5. Seokjinie seems to be doing well so I’m happy

6. Wow, it’s great to see everyone enjoying their military life happily and healthily

7. Jin, why are you so cute?

8. As expected, Kim Seokjin’s team always wins

9. Just looking at the title makes me giggle

10. I’m not even a fan, so why is Jin so cute?


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