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BTS Jin Received A Coldplay Song, Knetz React

BTS Jin reportedly releasing his first solo single, a song gifted by Coldplay, see Knetizens reactions


BTS Jin received a song from Coldplay… Solo single to be released in October

BTS Jin will release his first solo single later this month. The single is said to be a song gifted by Coldplay

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Oh my God! I think this song suits Seokjin so well!

2. Seokjin-ah.. You’re crazy..

3. Wow Coldplay treats BTS so well. I’m really looking forward to it Seokjin-ah

4. I think it suits Seokjin’s voice so well

5. Well, crazy, I didn’t even think about Coldplay

6. Isn’t it a ballad? I’m looking forward to it

7. I haven’t heard it yet, but I feel it’s a masterpiece

8. Our Seokjin’s sweet voice and Coldplay’s music go well together! Even if you haven’t heard it yet, it’s already good

9. I’m looking forward to it

10. Coldplay?


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