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BTS Jin’s Acting Related Question Answered, Knetz Discuss

Knetizens are discussing about BTS Jin’s acting related question that was responded to, they are really supporting him in what he wants to do whether he wants to act or not.


These days, I went to a premiere and became close with the actors, so I guess there were words about acting.

He said this right after going to the premiere
There was talk of acting at the bulletproof party, but now he doesn’t seem to think about it. It may change later, but I think I want to do my main job more now.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I’m friendly with female actors, so I didn’t think about such things.

2. I do everything I want to do~ Oh, but I understand the desire to see acting hahaha You’re so handsome

3. Seokjin says he doesn’t plan on acting yet, everyone stop talking about it~

4. That’s right.. you can do what you want ㅋㅋ Our Seokjin will do well no matter what he does.

5. But it’s strange, didn’t you act before your debut?? It’s weird that you’re not acting at all

6. If you release a ballad song, please be the main character in the music video… . But it’s definitely a one-person play

7. Acting can’t be done in the music video~

8. Do whatever you want, Seokjin. Just be happy with anything and never get tired. we will always support you

9. The parties will do well when they want it, but why do they keep telling the quiet member why they don’t act like they are urging them to do it when they do it ㅜㅜ Especially, it’s not true that you’re grimacing right now ㅠ The member has to tell you several times

10. Do what our Seokjin wants~~ I’m looking forward to the song ㅠㅠ


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