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BTS Jin’s Song ‘The Astronaut’ Ranked #1 On ITunes Chart In 100 Countries, Knetz React

On ITunes Chart, BTS Jin ‘The Astronaut’ Ranked #1 in 100 countries within two days of its release

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Congratulations to Seokjin

2. I really like the stage, song and MV!

3. The stage with Coldplay was so touching, it was like a movie, I loved it

4. The stage with Coldplay was so touching, just looking at the thumbnail makes me happy

5. The song was good and the stage was even more impressive

6. Seeing Seokjin and Coldplay on stage, I was so touched

7. The song is so good, his voice is good too

8. I love this song

9. That stage with Coldplay was so touching that I think I’ll watch it again and again

10. I really like the song


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