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BTS Jungkook And RM Have A Charming Conversation That Demonstrates Their Beautiful Friendship

The famous K-Pop idols Jungkook and RM of the boy band BTS demonstrated through this charming conversation that they have maintained a gorgeous and close friendship over the past few years, and ARMY will never forget this fun public moment.

Recently, the members and fans of the K-Pop group celebrated the tenth anniversary of the South Korean septet’s debut, and in addition to honoring their years of hard work and talent, they also demonstrated the strong bonds of friendship they maintain, as two of them did in front of the entire fanbase.
The group’s leader attended a celebration event in Yeouido, South Korea, to interact with his fans on the special occasion. During this time, he received a call from his younger partner, gaining a great deal of attention by surprising everyone with what transpired in their sweet conversation.
Jungkook called the event to communicate with RM and his fans who were present. During the call, the rapper did not realize he was speaking with his partner, who posed as a fan and sang a portion of the song ‘Take Two’.

All fans adore this interaction because, despite being in Los Angeles late at night and exhausted, Jungkook decided to call and have a lengthy and humorous conversation with his groupmate on a significant day for BTS.

While celebrating the tenth anniversary of BTS’ début, the ARMYs present at the event were delighted by the group’s members’ amusing and unexpected interaction.

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