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BTS Jungkook Is Excited About BTS J-Hope’s ‘Rush Hour’ Dance, Knetz React

Knetizens are reacting as Jungkook reacted to J-Hope performance in the rush hour dance, practice video….


Jungkook is excited about BTS J-Hope’s ‘Rush Hour’ dance practice video
“You’re so cool, it’s driving me insane. What do I do?”
“Huh, sigh”
“I can’t believe this”
“Why are you so good?”
“Sigh, I can’t”
“You’re seriously crazy”

Knetizens Reactions :

1. Jungkook admires him

2. Jungkook is cute

3. I don’t know how to dance, but that dance is addictive

4. The song is so good and the dance is so good

5. J-Hope is the head of BTS’ choreography team

6. J-Hope is really good at dancing, what can I say, I’m not trying to force it, but the groove on the body itself is not a joke, so it’s like dancing is J-Hope; I can’t explain it

7. The joints are attached and detached, your body is moving around, it’s amazing, even if you don’t understand

8. Jungkook, you are so cute

9. As long as Jungkook is a follower of J-Hope, it won’t be Instagrammable. Comments are overflowing. It’s so cute I’m dying

10. The puppy is excited hahahahaha so cute I can hear Junggugi’s voice


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