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BTS Jungkook’s Past Tweets Show TikTok Vibes, Knetizens React

Knetz are reacting to BTS Jungkook that he is the person with the highest number of views on TikTok

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It’s so cute and fun, it makes me feel good

2. He is the pioneer, our Jungkook is the best

3. I wish he could open a personal TikTok account and upload videos

4. He was ahead of his time

5. Jungkook is so cute and adorable

6. He’s like the king of TikTok

7. Jungkook is the funniest person in the world

8. I think he was born to be an idol

9. I wish he could make a TikTok channel

10. Whatever he does, he’s cute and pretty


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