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BTS Member Jin Will Be The First To Enroll In The Military, According To HYBE.

BTS will enroll in the military starting with Jin, the team’s oldest member, according to HYBE’s announcement.

According to BIG HIT MUSIC, Jin requested to rescind his extended enlistment and will reenlist in accordance with the Military Manpower Administration’s enlistment guidelines. According to their plans, the other members will likewise serve their country in the military in turn.
Jin, a 1992-born man, had previously been granted permission by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism to put off joining the military until the end of this year in compliance with the Military Service Act as amended in 2020.
According to the current Military Service Act, individuals with extraordinary talents in the arts and sports as defined by Presidential Decree and suggested by the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism may be granted an extension or exemption from service. However, “popular culture” is not listed as a specialization under “arts and sports” in the Military Service Act’s enforcement regulation, raising the question of whether pop culture icons who uphold national prestige can also be granted this benefit. Many in the Korean entertainment sector argued that BTS should be permitted to participate in alternative military service, but the National Assembly’s deliberations were slow.

Jin is anticipated to enlist as an active duty soldier as soon as a notification of recruitment is published because he withdrew his request to delay enlisting until he turns 30.

The complete statement from BIG HIT MUSIC is provided below:

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