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BTS RM donates 100 million won 2 years in a row for to the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation

For the second year in a row, RM of BTS gave 100 million won ($71,699 USD) to the Overseas Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation.

On 15 September KST, the Abroad Korean Cultural Heritage Foundation announced, “Recently, RM gave 100 million won to our foundation with the request that it be used to protect and rehabilitate overseas cultural properties.” Specifically, it was discovered that this is the second time that RM has donated 100 million won to the organization, following his first donation in September 2021 that had not been made public.

The organization announced, upon receiving the donation, that it has been collaborating with the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) to preserve the ‘hwarot,’ a robe from the Joseon Dynasty that is currently owned by the LACMA. During the Joseon Dynasty, princesses and women of the royal family wore the traditional Korean garment hwarot during events. During this period, the ‘hwarot’ grew in popularity, and brides from commoner families began to wear them at their weddings. There are around 30 ‘hwarot’ pieces in South Korea and 10 in other nations.

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