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BTS V And Actor Park Bo-gum On A Date Knetz React

Knetizens are talking about V and Park Bo-gum’s date, they are envying them and imagining it was them with V….

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Ha, I want to see Kim Taehyung too. I really envy him.

2. I didn’t recognize him because it was normal when the two of V Jennie went together, but since He went with Park Bo-gum, he seems to recognize V

3. I like handsome men

4. VPark Bo-gum is so good

5. The eyewitness account of the mocking was posted by the company employees. The image of V did not go up because he went with Park Bo-gum.

6. If you say that’s a date, are you saying you’re gay?

7. The review is so warm and good, I envy you

8. There are quite a few posts that people around me don’t seem to know if it’s V, but it warms my heart.

9. The two of you look good.

10. Even in the photo between Park Bo-gum and V and the art fair, the aggressors seem to be more obsessed with V than V and only look at V hahahaha


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