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BTS V And IVE Jang Won-young Will Be Okay For The Next 10 Years, Knetz Assumed

Because of how V and Jang Won-young is trending in current pann, Knetizens assume they will both do well in the next 10 years… They both have overwhelming popularity among other idols…..

V and Wonyoung’s overwhelming popularity is evident in the current trends on Pann

Knetizens Reactions:

1. It seems to be true that it is a trend among the trend

2. They’re both really popular

3. V for men and Wonyoung Jang for women

4. V has also shot a real tower and has been in his ninth year of activity, but it’s still as popular as Rising.

5. Wonyoung is so pretty and everything she does is good.

6. It is outrageous that V is a 9-year-old idol, and that Jang Won-young is a group idol less than a year old.

7. Why did Jang Won-young and her personality, attitude, fan only tie V together?

8. Raising a comparison opponent to beat V. Do you think that fandom will thank you? It’s disgusting to be taken advantage of by you guys doing bad things, and popular towers don’t even compare.

9. V is a hot topic for that age

10. Jang Won-young has a good feeling and will do better in the future


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