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BTS V And Jennie Have Been Dating Since 2021, Knetizens Suspect

It seems BTS Kim Taehyung and Blackpink Jennie have been dating since 2021, Knetz suspect their relationship have been existing since last year….


The board already moves around a lot, right? This is Jennie’s bed. But Jennie changed the head part of her bed earlier this year. On February 4th, she posted on Instagram.

Then the picture taken in Jennie’s bed is ‘2021’; They already seem comfortable with each other, but they don’t even look like a couple who met for a short time. They look like a couple who have been dating for at least 8 months.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. This is what V did while they were dating.

2. It’s true, they’ve been dating since last year. For some reason, the year-end broadcast didn’t come out

3. You two must have done it more than 100 times, right?

4. So she was dating two men at the same time???

5. Their agencies didn’t respond because of GD. If they reveal everything, both will be ruined

6. It was on Instagram on January 2nd Daebak

7. If you watch the old video again, the color of the wall is also the same gray?? I think it’s the same room

8. Look at the number of views, people are so interested in Vigenie haha Can’t we just let them get along well?

9. It’s a complete drama story.

10. I know that V’s Jennie isn’t in a good relationship


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