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BTS V Doesn’t Feel Ashamed Of Doing Some Weird Things, Knetizens Discuss

Why doesn’t BTS V feel ashamed of what he’s doing?
This is someone who usually doesn’t glance even when there are a lot of fans around him?, Knetizens are reacting

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The members admit that V takes care of ARMY the best.

2. No, no, V was originally a good person to fans.

3. He’s really moderately shy.

4. I guess you didn’t look at Taehyung as usual and judged him by looking at his fragmentary image. Thank you for posting Taehyung’s picture.

5. V fans are happy haha

6. Did he feel good that day?

7. He does fan service according to his mood, so I guess he was in a good mood that day

8. It’s so weird

9. You don’t know the meaning of the word “usually”? The members admit that V takes care of ARMYs the best

10. No, he always treats his fans so well, this is a familiar scene


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