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” BTS V Has A Big Head” Knetizens React To New Cute Photos Of Kim Taehyung

Knetz are reacting to new photos of Kim Taehyung, the photos are so funny because it seems his head is big and it’s so ridiculous

I just used it in a pictorial, but the head is too big and it exploded hahahahahaha

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Originally, it was a hat like that, and there was a strap on the back. He didn’t wear it formally, but because of his bangs, he wore it a little bit backwards, but I’m not sure he’s getting rid of it hahahahahahahahaha

2. Yes, V has a big head and I don’t like it now.

3. It’s really funny because it’s so ridiculous hahaha It’s like it’s meant to be funny, not ARMY

4. Guys, he’s already succeeded, he’s handsome and he has a good voice, but do you think his image would be overshadowed by his big head? Take care of your face when you’re lying on someone else’s

5. I’m confused if it’s the first year of V’s debut, really hahaha

6. It’s even funnier that BTS spread the hacked hidden camera and pretended to be the victim of the JenniV dating rumors

7. Is there only V in BTS?

8. Aren’t you thinking only about V all day? More like a fan than me; It’s just a joke

9. Oh, I don’t want to see you, I want to stop seeing Jennie’s boyfriend

10. V doesn’t have a big head, he has a thick neck and narrow shoulders


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