BTS V Is Cute Wearing Pajamas And Singing Morning Butter ‘hahaha’ K-Netizens Adore Kim Taehyung

Last night in the forest, V in the forest
shed tears at night saying it was a pity last year, but in the morning he puts his hair in his head and sings butter and it’s cute hahahaha…. Car – Shall we put butter on the bread? V – You don’t need a butter bar! Pickboy with Strawberry Jam – Why? Because there is BTS <Butter>?! V – ㅇ0ㅇ? Ha ha haSmooth Like Butter ((Taehyung, if you keep doing this, you’ll be nothing but a baby..)) hot cake summer ( I am a jam doll)

How cute would it be to be able
to ride skates that served you well even in pajamas and casual clothes hahahaha BTS V Jungkook Jimin Jin Hoseok Suga Namjoon

K-Netizens Reactions:

1. Taehyung is really cute, he’s so cute, he makes me cry, and besides, he’s so precious ㅠㅠ How can I not like you

2. You are a good year to play hacking Did you know that the round sun has risen.. The British respect it, so you know what you can do, you bitch You can’t avoid playing hacking idols, so you just move around and change your cell phone.. White Hacker 2 I had to pay a billion dollars and hire him

3. Come on and pick it up! In the Forest Friendship Trip

4. Since 2014, Korean idols have sent random hacking app text messages to mobile phone numbers obtained through hacking games on portal sites.. A certain idol fan’s age name A university’s personal photo video Kakaotalk sharing, but leaving no evidence changed

5. V23

6. V22

7. V21

8. V20

9. V19

10. V18


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