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BTS V, Possible Vs Impossible Gesture With His Friends, Knetz Share Their Views

Knetizens are opposing the possible gesture BTS V did with his friends, saying they can never do it not even their family, some even said with a lover. That only BTS can do it because they are bulletproof

Eating the cream off your friend’s finger

Siping off and eating the cream on your friend’s mouth

Eating the corn your friend ate

Knetizens Reactions:

1. All Impossible

2. Seriously, I can’t

3. Corn is possible but rest is impossible

4. Impossible, but possible for bulletproof

5. BTS can do it heh… Family impossible… Mom and Dad I’m sorry.

6. Really Absolutely Impossible

7. I can’t do it with anyone ㅠㅠ If it’s BTS, it’s possible…

8. Wow, I think the last one is impossible hahahaha? How do you give me a finger…?

9. It ‘s impossible, I can’t even do it with my mom hahaha

10. I can’t even with my lover


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