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BTS V Receive Negative Reactions After Dating Rumour With Jennie (Knetz)

Knetizens are roasting BTS V in bad Reactions because of the dating rumour.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Don’t look at me because I’m Jennie’s lover, ARMYs.

2. I wish Jenny

3. The malicious commenters here are really crazy. I hope they get everything back as they are.

4. If you see Taehyung arguing with personality, he’s 100% fanco or muggle… If you’re a real ARMY, there’s nothing to argue about with person

5. In terms of physical appearance, Jennie and V’s faces look alike and match. They both have big eyes.

6. V is really getting old

7. Really, everyone is so mean to V.

8. Jennie’s Boyfriend

9. It’s amazing how would it feel to see Jennie sucking someone who has a lover

10. Jennie is pretty, and V is good-looking, and I hope they go to marriage, have children, and live a good life.


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