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BTS V Vs Jungkook, Knetizens Compare

Knetizens are comparing V and Jungkook facially and every other aspects. It seems Jungkook has more fans that likes him than V even they both look handsome



Knetizens Reactions:

1. Don’t mess with Jungkook

2. Don’t mess with V and Jungkook. Jungkook is different from V in all of his self-management skills.


4. Our Jungkook is a record maker


6. What a visual combination

7. Taehyung’s face only came out in an awkward pose

8. V has nothing to show off He can’t sing, he doesn’t dance well, his face is reversed, on the other hand, Jungkook has a handsome face, he sings and dances well

9. Don’t bring Jungkook along. Jungkook is handsome and V is not good

10. These two are the funniest in BTS haha so cute


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