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BTS’s Ex-Manger Is Angry With Knetz Talking About BTS Military Service [Theqoo]

BTS’s ex-manager posted on Instagram

“Yes they’re going… I hope you can stop talking nonsense now”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Politicians kept talking about BTS’ military service, that’s why BTS was criticized.. I understand his thoughts

2. I think he’s the oldest manager, but he’s right. He’s treated BTS well since debut

3. Why do you guys keep criticizing BTS? Is BTS your sandbag? Stop criticizing BTS

4. He’s the coolest among HYBE officials so far

5. That manager must have suffered too

6. That’s the manager that BTS has been with since before they debuted.. He’s so cool

7. Even BTS’s ex-manager is openly expressing his anger towards the articles about their military service. I think the BTS members have suffered a lot

8. I’m not really a fan of BTS, but I feel bad for them

9. They’ll be enlisting, so stop criticizing them.. You guys are disgusting

10. I understand why that manager got so mad


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