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BTS’s Jimin Wins Fan Polls.

BTS’ Jimin won various surveys in October.

BTS songs include Jimin’s unusual high notes and delicious voice. The Shining awards’ international K-pop voting site named him “Best Kpop Male Highest Vocal Range” on October 31. After weeks, he led with 114,500 votes.

Jimin led the global voting community KDOL to a record-setting month. Jimin topped the October idol poll with nearly 3 billion votes. He dominates all rankings on the worldwide idol voting site, including daily, monthly, weekly, birthday, and the Top 50 Global Hall of Fame with almost 9 Billion votes.

On Choeaedol, Jimin received 506,666,486 million votes on his birthday, October 13. He was Choeaedol’s 389th Charity fairy on October 17, and 500K Won was donated to the Miral Welfare foundation for disabled children in his name. On October 31, he was named Miracle of October due to his birthday votes, which were the 2nd highest in Choeaedol history.

After finishing 6th in the Melón Music award’s Top 10 voted Idols 2022 event with over 71K votes, he was named Best Main Dancer on the 28th.

BTS Jimin and Ha Sungwoon’s Our Blues OST “With You” is nominated for Best OST and Song of the Year at the 2022 Mnet Asia Music Honors, the world’s top K-pop awards. The song is the fastest Korean OST to reach 162 million Spotify streams. On Melón, it has 42.6 Million streams and 1.3 Million ULs, placing #23 on the Melon OST category Daily Chart, and over 45 Million views on YouTube. It’s 11th on Circle Ranking’s download chart for the first half of 2.