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“But He Looks Decent” Knetz React To BTS Jungkook’s Body Tattoos

Knetizens say despite BTS Jungkook is looking innocent and decent, he has many tattoos on his body


BTS Jungkook must wear a white short-sleeved T-shirt every day if he really has a conscience

Knetizens Reactions:

1. He has a lot of tattoos, but he’s so innocent

2. He has a lot of tattoos but I don’t feel scary at all….. He’s innocent and pure

3. He really drives people crazy…

4. I love Jungkook so much

5. Ahh, we have to hide Jeon Jungkook

6. He looks so pure and innocent

7. Why is he always so handsome? He looks so innocent even though he has a lot of tattoos

8. Seriously, every time I see Jungkook’s picture, I go crazy

9. Are you crazy?

10. Don’t smile… I’ll die


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