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CCTV Of Shin Hyesung Smoking At The Convenience Store, Knetz React

He was already drunk, didn’t wear his mask and was smoking when entering the convernience store

I don’t know for the other factors, but entering a convenience store with a cigarette in your mouth really shows your personality. It’s my first time seeing this

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The fact that he’s lighting his cigarette in front of the store owner and already smoking before leaving the location fuck

2. Seriously looking at him like htat, he doesn’t even look like a celebrity, he looks like a freaking ajussi

4. Was he always this thug?

5. Just what crime did the part-timer commit.
6. Is he acting audacious because he’s a celebrity?
7. This is seriously those grandpas’ behavior you’d see when they get super drunk
8. Why does his face looks so different from the face I know? I wouldn’t even be able to tell it’s him if I saw him in the streets

9. It’s like those guys you’d see 20 years ago and who are wearing super tight tshirts with ucci clutches in their hands with lots of tattoos.
10. I feel bad for the worker… Just how frustrating it must’ve been.


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