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CEO Of Prada Avoided Jang Won-young’s Handshake, Why? Knetz React

Knetizens are saying CEO prada rejected Jang Won-young’s handshake, but why will she do that?

Knetizens Reactions:

1. She is only looking at her face, so I guess she didn’t see her handshake

2. That person is looking at Wonyoung Jang’s face lol

3. She couldn’t see it because her eye level wasn’t right

4. She is holding a glass

5. Is that something she avoid or she didn’t do because she didn’t see it?

6. I don’t think she shake hands with a girl

7. What gift did you give?

8. Why are you giving all of this meaning?

9. Can’t you see the hand kiss and the lovely eyes?

10. These days, when you see a title like this, you wonder what kind of situation they twisted and forced to make a fuss.


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