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Chairman Of HYBE Bang Si Hyuk Contributes 5 Billion Won To Aid Disadvantaged Children.

For the benefit of disadvantaged children, Bang Si Hyuk has donated 5 billion Won.

The Community Chest of Korea received a donation of 5 billion Won ($3,490,866.00 USD) from HYBE chairman Bang Si Hyuk on October 13 to assist disadvantaged teenagers in need. He said he wanted to give so that teenagers who are unable to go to school or live in a facility can learn without facing prejudice.

remarked Bang Si Hyuk, “I’ve made the decision to donate because I want to repay society for all it has given me. Throughout this process, I considered how to foster adolescent development into mature adults who can guide our society. Teenagers in need will hopefully be able to confidently pursue their aspirations thanks to this donation.”


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