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“Chinese Vibes” Knetz Talked About BLACKPINK Jisoo At Atlanta Concert

BLACKPINK Jisoo at the Atlanta concert today

Wow seriously, what’s up with her hairstyle? It’s my first time seeing this style on her, she looks fresh and cute

Knetizens Reactions:

1. I don’t think that styling like that is attractive to Jung Seok Beauty ㅠ Jisoo has a pretty face, but that style doesn’t suit her.

2. Wow, it suits her so well, she’s so pretty

3. I wish she tied her hair up more often

4. Seriously, she’s so cute

5. It looks outdated, do you really think it’s pretty? They’re ruining her pretty looks with this

6. Chinese vibes

7. Fucking pretty

8. It’s hard to look good with that hair, but it suits her so well


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