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Choi Young Joon, A Well-known K-Pop Choreographer And yanother “Street Man Fighter” Contender, Comments On The “New Thing” Debate.

Choi Young Joon, another contender on “Street Man Fighter,” as well as a well-known K-Pop choreographer best known for his role on Mnet’s “Produce” series, has come forward to share his thoughts on the continuing “New Thing” choreography plagiarism controversy.On October 14, Choi Young Joon posted the following message on Instagram:”I had a lot of reservations about posting this. If I hadn’t been a fellow cast member of “Street Man Fighter,” it could have been different, but because I am, I felt a lot of pressure to pick a side.
Even yet, it’s a struggle for me to voice my own opinions, which are that the choreographies on all sides deserve recognition for their aesthetic merit.
As just another choreographer, I am presenting this totally personal opinion. Not as a member of 1MILLION, neither as a dance industry sunbae, but rather only as an individual.
When creating choreography, all choreographers consider both the song’s words and general mood in addition to the lyrics.
The movement of a rider on a motorcycle was chosen for this choreography, which uses its movements to conjure up a particular vision of the song “New Thing.” This move sequence is now being compared to another move sequence in the process of describing the act of cruising on a motorcycle.
However, in my perspective, the leg work that is a part of the “New Thing” motion is a well-known, frequently-used fundamental move that is a variation of the moonwalk, and any dancer or choreographer would be aware of its common usage. (As an illustration, I’ve attached a video.)
Since there was no copying involved and there is no right or wrong, in my opinion all sides should be honored.
There are numerous works with the same subject matter but diverse content in both music and film. Sometimes the entire picture is very distinct, but there are still numerous overlapping and identical scenes or components. This occurrence, in my opinion, is comparable to the previous one.
We Dem Boyz and ATEEZ’s choreography are both favorites of mine, and I frequently follow their progress because they both inspire me. Even though we are now in competition, I have previously collaborated with We Dem Boyz quite a bit. I believe that the current state of affairs is having a detrimental impact on both parties, so I’m speaking cautiously here.I #Postedthisbutfeelingscared.Earlier, after being accused of plagiarizing the choreography for ATEEZ’s 2019 tune “Say My Name,” We Dem Boyz leader Vata finally addressed the plagiarism scandal involving his choreography for the “Street Man Fighter” track “New Thing.” Vata asserted that there was no plagiarism because the purpose behind his move sequence was distinct.

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