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“Clean And Classy” Knetizens Wow NEWJEANS Hanboks Preview Photos

Knetizens are reacting and praising NEWJEANS Hanboks Preview Photos, they are looking so great, clean and classy

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The foreign members get along better than I thought

2. These days, a preview of a photo like this is popping up hahahahahaha cute

3. Everyone has long hair, so the daenggi hair suits them very well

4. Clean and classy

5. You look like the precious daughters of a yangban house

6. Minji and Daniel look like child actors hahahahahaha

7. And even the hanbok photo is a legend

8. Because of her elegant face, Minji really suits hanbok so well

9. Minji looks like the only daughter of a noble family

10. Information News


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