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“Coexist, Handsomeness And Cutiness” Knetz React To BTS V Self-Video Update On Weverse

Knetizens are discussing BTS V video selfie on weverse, they are admiring his pretty face

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Looking at the picture, it looks good.

2. He’s handsome in three dimensions, but the atmosphere is mild, so it’s amazing

3. I’m excited. It’s good to be abroad.

4. Wow, the side line is the best looking at V’s face makes me feel good hahahaha

5. Handsome is the basics, and the bubbly expression is cute. It’s just cute no matter what you do with the teddy bear filter on.

6. He’s really handsome and pretty, he looks like a boy

7. Handsomeness and cuteness coexist

8. I envy your face, I want to live with that face for just one day

9. The pic on the top right is so pretty, that angle looks like a doll, so it’s a great beauty

10. Our bear is pretty


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