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“Cold Beauty And Warm Beauty” Knetizens Compares Jang Won-young And Yoona

There is a conflict Knetz views between Jang Won-young and Yoona because of their age difference to their facial looks…..

Knetizens Reactions:

1. A picture like a cold beauty and a warm beauty

2. They’re both pretty, so stop comparing them

3. Cold beauty warm beauty

4. A cold beauty and a warm beauty Wonyoung feels fresh and painterly, and Yoona feels clear and clean and natural. She’s so innocent

5. Wonyoung is just half a person, really soft and pretty

6. Both are tall and pretty, but their image is really different, like a hot girl and a little princess

7. Wonyoung is a hot girl and Yoona is an innocent girl

8. Yoona.. her face is really small

9. No, every time I see Jang Wonyoung, her proportions are unrealistic

10. Both are pretty in different ways


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