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“Confession,” A Twisted Thriller That Defies Comprehension, Is Described As A Remake With A Lot Of Korean Feeling. Phuongminhdo

Through the faces and mouths of “K-great performers,” “Confession” upgraded more securely and firmly and visited the audience wearing new clothing.
A press screening and press conference for the motion picture “Confession” were held on October 18 in the afternoon at the Lotte Cinema Konkuk University Entrance in Jayang-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Actors So Ji-sub, Kim Yun-jin, and Nana, as well as director Yoon Jong-seok, were present.

Based on Oriol Paulo’s 2016 Spanish film “The Invisible Guest,” “Confession” tells the tale of a guy whose involvement in a locked-room murder has been identified, and how his attorney attempts to uncover the truth.

The original itself is so well-known, the director Yoon Jong-seok noted on this day. It stands for Spain as an emblem of the twisted film. That was an extremely difficult portion. When I announced that I would rework this piece, I was concerned about what people would say.

The well-made original work was also a strain for the actors. Ji-sub said, “There was considerable pressure, but I attempted to pay attention to a new approach to the character without caring about the original.” Kim Yun-jin thought, “The sentiment was Koreanized in the process of adaptation.” Nana stated, “I was burdened by the original’s strong and impactful character, but I wanted to express a separate character by finding something that only I could accomplish utilizing the color I had. After watching, I felt like it was a different movie unrelated to the original. I made a stronger effort to focus and prepare.

“Confession,” directed by Yoon Jong-seok, is his first mainstream feature film and stars So Ji-sub, Kim Yun-jin, Nana, and Choi Kwang-il. It will be available on October 26.

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