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‘Congratulations’ NCT Mark Became An Ambassador, Knetz React

“A young boy and mature man. Now freely crossing these 2 boundaries, as he is Mark. BAZAAR’s first individual cover with Mark who became Polo Ralph Lauren’s ambassador is revealed. Please look forward to the intervew, main film, Youtube and other contents we prepared.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. No, but it goes really well with Mark, really.. It goes well with the usual vibes

2. Congratulations

3. Handsome

4. Wow I would’ve never imagine him going with Polo, but he fucking suits it. I wish I can see him in a preppy look

5. Oh Mark is like a dope nerd, he suits the hipster mood
6. Crossing the boundaries between young boy and mature man is such a good depiction of Mark

7. He fits it too well

8. Really… It goes so well with Mark’s image.


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