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‘Congratulations!!’ NewJeans Attention Returns To #1 On Melon Realtime Charts

Knetizens are jubilating with NewJeans new achievements as their attention retuto #1 on Melon Realtime Charts.

Top 100 continues to be number 1 after midnight!

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Huh, New Jeans has exploded properly

2. I like the song New Jeans, so the group itself isn’t great, but the whole album is good to listen to. It didn’t hit me with an impact at first, but it’s still good to listen to

3. No, I sit and compare the 3rd and 4th generations with pre-released songs hahaha It’s just that it seems to go well as soon as New Jeans debuts, so it’s good. I’m comparing myself to someone every day, it’s really uncivilized

4. The album is a real alum, even on a rainy day, it suits you well

5. I like New Jeans’ songs and I like Blackpink’s songs… so please don’t fight.

6. It’s a natural result because the song is good

7. Other sites also link New Jeans and beat them up, and there, they hate idols because of their fans.

8. I love New Jeans songs so much that I bought the album without realizing it lol

9. Congratulations

10. New Jeans Blackpink


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