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Critics Criticize The Young Adult Romance Film “Cheer Up” For One Of Its s Sequences’ Exaggerated Depiction Of Dating Violence.

The teen romance film “Cheer Up” came under fire for one of its scenes that portrayed dating violence in an unrealistic manner.

One scene in the sixth episode of the SBS drama “Cheer Up,” which aired on October 18 KST, featured Jang Gyuri of fromis 9 as Tae Cho Hee running into her ex-boyfriend. In this scenario, Tae Cho Hee’s ex-boyfriend approaches her and unexpectedly slaps her in the face. After being physically assaulted by her ex-boyfriend, Tae Cho Hee calmly states, “To be clear, you were the first one to hit me,” and then slaps, knees, and repeatedly punches him with her bag, swiftly overwhelming him.

She sternly urges Tae Cho Hee’s ex-boyfriend to “never come look for [me] again” as he lies on the ground fully defeated. Although the sequence was at first praised for being a refreshing instance of Tae Cho Hee teaching her ex-boyfriend a lesson, it quickly came under fire for its wildly unrealistic representation of dating violence. Internet users responded with statements like, “It was refreshing, but it was very unrealistic,” “Even though it’s a drama, the difference in their physical body sizes is large so this really doesn’t make any sense,” “Female individuals shouldn’t copy this in real life and should just call the police,” “This is [like] a fantasy drama,” and more.

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