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Dara Explains Why Her High School Crush Rejected Her Proclamation Of Love.

Dara explained why her high school crush turned down her confession of love.

On October 26, Dara and Park So Hyun visited an experience hall to sample several desserts for a new edition of the YouTube variety show “Unnies Without Appetite.” The two “unnies” were impressed by the lockers that brought back memories of their own school days because the experience hall was arranged to look like a school. “Whenever I opened this [locker] as a student, I always had the dream that love notes would fall out of it,” Dara said to Park So Hyun. She said, “I once slipped [a love note] inside another male student’s locker,” revealing a period when she had confided in her high school crush.

Did that person not accept your profession of love, Park So Hyun subsequently questioned. Dara responded to this with a sour look on his face, “Nope. He claimed to enjoy attractive women. Does that even make sense coming from a high schooler?” Park Very Hyun made Dara chuckle when she said, “Dara, I’m so sorry,” as Dara was clearly becoming upset at the unpleasant recollection.

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