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Despite Their Popularity Abroad, NCT Has Less YouTube Subscribers Than Other Groups, Why? [Knetz]

Knetizens are curious about the fact that NCT are popular abroad but their subscribers are low compared to other groups…


If they’re popular overseas, I think their subscribers are around 7-8 million or 10 million

NCT currently has 5.44 million subscribers, so I’m curious

Knetizens Reactions:

1. NCT doesn’t seem popular overseas compared to other groups

2. Because they have fewer overseas fans than other groups

3. They have so many units, I really don’t understand the NCT system

4. Because other idol groups are more popular than NCT overseas

5. If you look at them, they’re not as popular overseas as the 4th generation

6. Doesn’t NCT have a lot of members?

7. Because their Chinese fans can’t use YouTube in China?

8. But YouTube is popular in Southeast Asia, so they should have a lot of subscribers and high views.. I’m curious too

9. But don’t they sell a lot of albums?

10. I don’t know, but honestly they’re not popular in Korea


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