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“Disgrace To The Country”, BJ Dancing In Revealing Costumes On A Trip To India, Knetz Condemn

Knetizens are feeling embarrassed over what happened to Afreeca BJ in India, dancing in a revealing clothes in India but they will be safe though.

African TV female BJs (internet broadcast hosts) are controversial because they dance in front of local men wearing revealing clothes while traveling in India.
On the 28th , a post titled ‘Real-time life risking African broadcasts’ was spread in various online communities. Attached to the article was a part of the broadcast screen captured with the caption, “While traveling in India wearing this, locals stop and stare”.
BJ A, who runs a channel on Afreeca TV , conducted a live broadcast (live streaming) with his friend B on the street in India with music playing and dancing. They danced in revealing clothes such as bra tops and exchanged currency with locals.
The broadcast screen showed many men staring at them as they dance, and some holding mobile phones to film. On this day’s live broadcast, BJs asked for applause, but Indian men did not respond in particular, and a local middle-aged woman who seemed uncomfortable with BJs ‘ street performances was also included.
Netizens who saw this criticized them, saying, “India is not a suitable place for women to travel, but they acted recklessly to make money.” On the other hand, some netizens were concerned with reactions such as “Please come back carefully” and “Go back to your dorm before sunset.”
However, in the broadcast, the two said, “I didn’t travel to India to receive a star balloon. I wanted to show a new picture and wanted to do a fun broadcast, so I had the courage to come.”
He continued, “I asked all the local people about wearing this way, and they said ‘No problem’ .
He continued, “It’s dangerous when there are a lot of people, but there are people who take care of those people in the middle. We will broadcast without crossing the line.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. At least, if you want to go to another country and make fun of it, act while respecting the culture and history of that country. Money is good, but what do you do with the culture shock that people will receive and the negative views that you are Korean? Crazy and ignorant things

2. It would be very dangerous in India.

3. If you’re detained, you’ll just have to ignore Indian law. You don’t need to be rescued

4. Please speak Japanese or Chinese. Don’t speak Korean, I will be offended

5. It’s a shame.. When another Korean woman goes on a trip to that country, what will they do…

6. Who is responsible for being raped or sexually harassed? Even then, what about the country and the national character?

7. It’s embarrassing

8. Shame of the country

9. As long as they have chosen, do not ask for help in Korea if something bad happens to them.

10. Disgrace to country, disgrace to family, to government officials ~~~ How bad would you want to receive attention with your body???


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