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“Do Some Dance Practice, The Concert Is A Mess” Knetizens React To BLACKPINK Jennie’s Vlog

Knetizens are saying Jennie should do some choreography practice instead of playing around

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Even if you can’t dance, you’re pretty

2. Please practice the choreography.. I like Jennie, but honestly, seeing their recent stage, I’m not sure anymore

3. Please practice the choreography.. The concert was a mess

4. It’s funny that writing malicious comments on Pann is their greatest achievement in life

5. I think it would be better if she became a celebrity instead of a singer.. She always makes choreography mistakes, she doesn’t feel embarrassed.. If I were an idol, I think I would practice choreography during my vlog time.. She’s just a celebrity…

6. It looks like she’s hanging, not Chanel

7. There doesn’t seem to be any celebrity who gets to talk about Chanel as much as Jennie; Chanel models are not as good as her

8. Please practice choreography instead of hanging out

9. You are so gorgeous, but your daily life is like a girl and pure

10. Clothes and bags. Why don’t you wear only the rustic. It looks like a rich woman with a lot of money


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