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“Don’t Touch Her” Jang Won-young Under Fire By The Chinese Media, Knetz React

Jang Won-young is been criticized by Chinese media for claiming the silver phoenix hairpin is korean, see her statement below
“The silver phoenix hairpin, not Korean culture… Don’t steal anymore”


While the hairpin that IVE’s Jang Won-young recently showed in Paris is a hot topic, the Chinese side is claiming it is a ‘cultural extortion’.

On the 17th, China’s NetEase talked about the phoenix-shaped hairpin (Phoenix Baljam), which Jang Won-young, who visited Paris, France, showed in a vlog she recently released through Vogue Korea YouTube, “Jang Won-young (with her hairpin) is Korean fashion. I didn’t know you were going to shout that out.”

They argued that the phoenix and dragon are traditional and symbolic patterns of China, and that “there are hairpins in Korea, but the hairpins with the phoenix pattern are unique to China.”

At the same time, citing the reactions of Chinese netizens, they said, “Isn’t it stealing our traditional culture?”, “This is an intolerable problem,” and “I might have corrected and apologized if I had not known that phoenix balsam is a Chinese food.”

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Don’t touch Wonyoung

2. Stop coveting other people’s culture

3. Since when do they use phoenix? Do they have any proof?

4. Wonyoung is ours and the hairpin is ours too

5. Jang Wonyoung and the phoenix hairpin are both Korean

6. The phoenix hairpin is ours and Wonyoung is ours too

7. I don’t even know what their culture is

8. I really hate China

9. After all, they can’t live without Korea

10. If you are cursed in China, it means you did well. Wonyoung is the best


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