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‘Empty’ Knetizens React To New NCT Dream Concert Photos

Knetz are reacting to New NCT Dreams Concert pictures8⁸
Dream’s first concert in 2019

22nd Dream 2nd Concert

Dream growth tears come .. I love you

Knetizens Reactions:

1. Ah, the number of members in the photo is different.

2. Our Dreams are so special, we love and support you…..

3. I’m a fan, but I like Dream’s song the best among NCT’s

4. The fireworks were really good…

5. It’s impressive, but it was Jangchung Gaeba at that time. I tried faxing to change the location, but I didn’t even hear it ㅅㅋㅋㅋ It was originally two days, but I rushed to add one episode, and SM is really good to Dream in the future.

6. You’ve grown a lot Dreams really had a perfect concert set-up, let’s be happier in the future hehe It was so good to see you up close

7. There is no dream hit song

8. Even if it is, I can’t even follow the toes of 127

9. Empty


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