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Enhypen Jake Has A High Sex Drive Said By A Physiognomist, Knetz React

Knetizens are reacting to what a physiognomist said about Enhypen’s Jake, said he has a strong sex drive.

Knetizens Reactions:

1. As soon as the I-land audition program was over, this was released. The group members had their physiognomy and fortune assessed, and they advised Jake to be cautious among women. However, because of Jake’s worried and naive demeanor, no one reprimanded him; instead, they simply assumed that the fortune teller was making up the story and allowed it to go. I should visit that fortune teller to have my future read.

2. Except for one guy, everyone in ENHYPEN remained expressionless. They all touched it up, especially their noses and their eyes.

3. This is incredibly intriguing to see.

4. Making a big deal out of physiognomy

5. The manager and police officer who knew him warned Jabe to be cautious of scandals involving women, which is even creepier than his s** drive.

6. It’s funny when folks claim they’ve never had surgery. I saw them in the plastic surgery facility, but I also didn’t want to know that it was them, so I can’t tell you how I recognized them.


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