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ENHYPEN Jake Seems To Be Trying To Be Recycle His Image, Knetz React

“Engenes, this is Jake

I got a lot of strength from meeting a lot of Engenes throughout this promotion and receiving your support and love. Engenes are so precious to me and I feel so thankful that I want to meet eyes with each and everyone of you and hug you.
In order to pay back this love, I’m always lacking but every day, I realize more just how precious all of you are, you who have always stayed by my side. I sincerely pledge that I’ll forever cherish you guys and repay you through every aspects on stage.
There are so many things that I want to say but, I will definitely show you my sincerity for a long time in the future.
Thank you everyone for always being there for me through the ups and down. You guys are my everything.
Engenes, I’m always thankful and love you so much.”
Sigh… find strength

Knetizens Reactions:

1. The fact that a child who never interacts comes on here fully aware of the situation without disputing anything merely shows that he is aware of it. Not a single line is an apology. It appears that he only came to comfort the fans. The very definition of shameless

2. The individuals on Weverse who attempt to silence others are strong. They flag all the negative remarks about him, or the moderators would remove them, leaving only positive remarks about him. Jake will draw encouragement from these remarks and try even harder to travel to Itaewon.

3. This guy needs to submit to Jennie and V.

4. Jaeyoon-ah, you’re actually loitering about Itaewon and requesting cigarettes from women. Please, get up.

5. Let it go because he is a nothing.

6. He is an unknown. The admirers will start talking about him again in business posts if they wait a little while.


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